GTCCC Inter-Club Competition

The time is approaching for the GTCCC (Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs) Inter-club competition.  The competition is similar to the events we hold within the club but on a much bigger scale.  There is both a Digital and Print component to the event.

In addition to individual winners, there is a club award for the best performance by its members.  

Individuals can submit up to 10 entries with a max of 7 digitals and a max of 4 prints.  There is no maximum for number of submissions in a category, so for example you can submit 7 digitals all in the Architecture Category.

Entry fees are $2.00 per image/print to a maximum of $16.00, so if you chose to submit 10, the last 2 submissions are free.

There are 10 tightly defined categories, with an 11th (“Human Portraits”) embedded in the 10 – in other words, they will pick out the best human portrait from your submissions in the 10 categories.   If you are specifically submitting a Human Portrait, simply submit it under “People”.

We will be sending out the entry form to everyone shortly. In the meantime, please get started on finding those perfect images for submission.  Read the category descriptions carefully, as images that do not clearly reflect the category will be scored low.

We will require your entries before January 10 – more details on how to submit to follow.

The submission rules and category descriptions have been posted to our website—we will update once we have sorted out the technical bits. Click here to view or download. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Kremblewski  <> directly.