Results – 2015/16 Photo Contest 3 (Digital) – Thursday May 19

Our third and final contest for the 2015/16 season was held on May 19, displaying the digital photographic art of our members.  There were 88 entries in 3 groups (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and 3 Categories:  Street Life, Reflections, Ice/Ice Formations and Open.

Judges for the evening were Ann Alimi, Elton Brown and Greta Grice – thank you!

Winning images below are sorted by category and award:  Mouse Over for description and artist, Click for larger image and contest placement (1st, 2nd, etc.) and category.

Beginner – Street Life
1st Boy Running Joanne Kaashoek
2nd Fruity Smile Justine Barbier
Intermediate – Street Life
1st Family Business Jim Balfour
2nd Evening Ride Michael McAuley
3d Waiting for Streetcar George Socka
HM Eyes Jim Balfour
Advanced – Street Life
1st Time to Kill John Carstens
2nd The Market Weaver Marley Adams
Beginner – Reflections
1st Florence Robert Dargie
Intermediate – Reflections
1st Bay Bulls Pond Pam Richards
2nd Downtown Adam Tatarnic
3d Bloor Street Reflected Adam Tatarnic
Advanced – Reflections
1st Hollywood Boulevard John Wallace
2nd Floating Through History John Wallace
3d In the Rearview Mirror Dean Askin
Beginner – Ice/Ice Formations
1st Frozen in Time Joanne Kaashoek
Intermediate – Ice/Ice Formations
1st Frozen George Socka
2nd Frozen Over George Socka
3d No Time to Fall Margus Kask
Advanced – Ice/ice Formations
1st The Hand of Winter Selby Shanly
Beginner – Open
1st Cat Eating Garbage Robert Dargie
2nd Hunting for Supper Rick Hayward
Intermediate – Open
1st Two Coats, Blond Hair and a Glove Michael McAuley
2nd Touching Creation June Galbraith
3d Strolling Michael McAuley
HM The Anachronist 1 Sarah Boutilier
Advanced – Open
1st Tobacco Roads Marley Adams
2nd January Selby Shanly
3d Having a Rest Marley Adams