Results – 2016/17 Photo Contest #2 (Digital) – Thursday March 23

Our second contest for the 2016/17 season was held on March 23, displaying the digital photographic art of our members.  There were 119 entries in 3 groups (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and 4 Categories:  Shadows, Rural, The Beaches and Open.  Judges for the evening were Eric Chan, Anthony Achatzky and Bob Hawkins – thank you!

Winning images below are sorted by category and award:  Mouse Over for description and artist, Click for larger image and contest placement (1st, 2nd, etc.) and category.  (Please note, there were insufficient numbers of entries in Beginner and Advanced Shadows to award prizes)

The first image gallery displays winning images

A table with results is posted just below the image gallery.  Below that is a gallery of showing all the entrants.

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Shadows Intermediate    
1st Jumping Shadows Joanne Kaashoek
2nd Over the Dune Jim Balfour
3d Red Bag Jude Marion
HM Bubbles Sandra Meddick-Ruth
Rural Beginners    
1st Frosty Inversion Colleen Pollack
2nd Forgotten Wagon Fernando Neves
Rural Intermediate    
1st Farm Whimsey Jim Balfour
2nd Moos with a View Margus Kask
3d Lock of Skene Farm Sandra Meddick-Ruth
Honourable Mention Doune, Scotland Sandra Meddick-Ruth
Honourable Mention Scotny Estate Sandra Meddick-Ruth
 Rural Advanced    
1st Georgetown Harbour Alex Bruce
2nd Hills of Andalucia John Wallace
3d On the Uxbridge Route David Sweeney
The Beach Beginners    
1st Leslie Spit Anita Barber
2nd Rough Water Rick Hayward
3d Leuty Lifeguard Station at Night Anita Barber
Honourable Mention Bashing Waves  Colleen Pollack
The Beach Intermediate    
1st  Lake Spray June Galbraith
2nd Lights George Socka
3d Night Trees Adam Tatarnic
Honourable Mention Caffeine Induced Collective Memory Michael McAuley
Honourable Mention Winter Night on the Beach Kersti Meema
Honourable Mention Leuty Sky Line June Galbraith
Honourable Mention Blizzard Adam Tatarnic
The Beach Advanced    
 1st By the Light of the Silvery Moon  Alex Bruce
2nd A Waverly Spring Scene John Wallace
3d A Whale of a Tail Alex Bruce
Open Beginners    
1st Dog Dance Colleen Pollack
2nd Aqueduct Fernando Neves
3d Opporto  Terry Reid
Honourable Mention Splash Rick Hayward
Open Intermediate    
1st Glorious October June Galbraith
2nd Blue Wire Jude Marion
3d Sunset on Clearwater Beach Bill Komar
Honourable Mention Kokopelli Susan Lappin
Honourable Mention Waterton park Sandra Meddick-Ruth
Open Advanced    
1st Cardinal on a Cold Day David Sweeney
2nd Crossing That Bridge Selby Shanly
 3d Teacup Rock Alex Bruce
 Honourable Mention Clapel on the Creek Marley Adams