Results – 2016/17 Photo Contest #3 (Print) – Thursday May 18

Our third and final contest for the 2016/17 season was held on May 18, displaying the printed photographic art of our members.  There were 44 entries in 3 groups (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and 2 Categories:  Monochrome and Colour.  Judges for the enving were Eric Chan, Victor Peters and Cynthia Smith – thank you!

Winning images below are sorted by category and award:  Mouse Over for description and artist, Click for larger image and contest placement (1st, 2nd, etc.) and category.  (Please note, due to insufficient numbers of entries, the Beginner and Intermediate Monochrome categories were combined)

The image gallery displays winning images followed by a table with results .


Monochrome Print – Beginner/Intermediate    
1st Remembering Jim Balfour
2nd Flying Frost B&W Colleen Pollock
3d Ghost Tree B&W Colleen Pollock
Monochrome Print – Advanced    
1st Introduction Selby Shanly
2nd Snowy Heights John Wallace
3d Icon on the Danube John Wallace
Colour Print – Beginner    
1st Sisters Ghost Tree Colleen Pollock
2nd Standing on one leg Fernando Neves
3d Grand Prismatic Spring Colleen Pollock
Honourable Mention Catch of the Day Fernando Neves
Colour Print – Intermediate    
1st Kinston Train Station Bill Komar
2nd Joe Perry Lake Bill Komar
3d GP Train at Danforth Bill Komar
Colour Print Advanced    
1st Icelandic Landscape Andrew Oliver
2nd Group of Seven Country Andrew Oliver
3d Lilies Selby Shanly
Honourable Mention Ancient Shore – Lobster Cover NFLD John Wallace