Results – 2017/18 Contest #1 (Digital) – Thursday November 16

Our first contest for the 2017/18 season was held on November 16, displaying the photographic art of our members.  There were 130 entries in 3 groups (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and 5 Categories:  Landscape and Geology, Reflections, Botany, The Beach and Open.  Judges for the evening were Leif Peterson, Jeff Gardner and Bob Hawkins – thank you!

Due to the large number of images to judge and to better align our scoring with the GTCCC standard we looked for scores of 5-10 vs. 6-10 in the past.  This allowed for a little more granularity but not moving to the full standard of 1/2 points.

Winning images below are sorted by category and award:  Mouse Over for description and artist, Click for larger image and contest placement (1st, 2nd, etc.) and category.  

The image gallery displays winning images followed by a table with results .

Landscape and Geology – Beginner  
1st Lime Stone Lake Jamie Carlisle
2nd On_The_Coast Fernando Neves
3d A Diffent View Jamie Carlisle
Landscape and Geology – Intermediate  
1st Ceylon Tea Trails Margus Kask
2nd VernalFall Milos Brkic
3d Birch Grove Adam Tatarnic
HM Morning Glory Sandra Meddick-Ruth
HM Moonlit Clouds Adam Tatarnic
Landscape and Geology – Advanced  
1st Hampton Marsh Selby Shanly
2nd Autumn Mist Selby Shanly
Reflections – Beginner  
HM Untitled Adnan Alkhourly
Reflections – Intermediate  
1st Mirrored Masts Margus Kask
2nd Annapolis_Valley_Mansion Patty McVitty
3d Scottish Highlands Sandra Meddick-Ruth
HM Dancing In The Rain June Galbraith
HM Brightening The Rainy Boardwalk June Galbraith
HM Heart Lake Sandra Meddick-Ruth
HM Light Curves Margus Kask
Reflections – Advanced  
1st Fantasy in Glass, Queen Street John Wallace
2nd Fantasy in Glass, Yonge Street John Wallace
Botany – Beginner  
HM Bird_Of_Paradise Fernando Neves
Botany – Intermediate  
1st Winter Ponderosas Colleen Pollack
2nd EternalSerenity Milos Brkic
3d Carpet Susan Lappin
HM African Daisy Sandra Meddick Ruth
HM Ready_for _the_Wind Kersti Meema
Botany – Advanced  
1st Ivy in the Fall Selby Shanly
Beach – Beginner  
1st The Black Boots Jamie Carlisle
2nd Bogart At The Beach Jamie Carlisle
3d leuty in water Rick Hayward
Beach – Intermediate  
1st High Water Adam Tatarnic
2nd Walk on water George Socka
3d Sunset Guard Rails Margus Kask
HM Over exposed George Socka
HM Morning Ride Michael McAuley
Open – Beginner  
1st Abstract Adnan Alkhourly
2nd Boy George and Culture Club Jamie Carlisle
3d Suit_Of_Armour Fernando Neves
HM Office Night Ellen Fleck
Open – Intermediate  
1st Quiet Meditation Margus Kask
2nd Play Time Margus Kask
3d Face forward George Socka
HM Heart Of Old Barcelona June Galbraith
HM Maze Mark Kremblewski