Results – Digital Contest #1 November 15th 2018

Our first contest for the 2018/19 season was held on November 15th, displaying the photographic art of our members.  There were over 130 entries in 3 groups: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The 5 Categories were Movement, Architecture, Patterns or Shapes, The Beach and Open.  Judges for the evening were Norm Ullock, Leif Peterson and Randy Nickerson – thank you!

Due to the large number of images to judge and to better align our scoring with the GTCCC standard we looked for scores of 5-10 vs. 6-10 in the past.  This allowed for a little more granularity but not moving to the full standard of 1/2 points.

Winning images below are sorted by category and award:  Mouse Over for title and artist, Click for larger image and contest placement (1st, 2nd, etc.) and category.  

The image gallery displays winning images followed by a table with all results.

Movement – Intermediate      
Zoom out George Socka 24.0 1
China Town Bus George Socka 22.0 2
Classic Racer Bill Komar 22.0 3
Man_versus_Nature Kersti Meema 21.5 HM
Coming in for a landing STEPHEN DUNN 21.5 HM
AutumnWavws JuneGalbraith 20.0  
on_the_run Susan Lappin 18.5  
Splash Kersti Meema 18.0  
Closing in STEPHEN DUNN 19.5  
Rolling Waves on Lake Huron Cyndy Neilly-Spence 18.0  
Sparrow_Fight_In_Flight Rick Bender 20.0  
Canada150 Landing Fernando Neves 21.5  
Shake It Off Sandra Meddick-Ruth 19.5  
Rodeo Steer Wrangling  Maureen Littlewood 17.0  
Bucking Horse Maureen Littlewood 16.5  
Breaking Waves Fernando Neves 19.0  
Taking Off Fernando Neves 21.0  
Incoming Hummingbird Norm Neilly-Spence 15.5  
Lift-off! Jim Balfour 19.5  
Rock the Boat Sandra Meddick-Ruth 21.5  
in_flight Susan Lappin 21.0  
Movement – Advanced      
Tango Dancing Marley Adams 23.5 1
The_Red_Rocket Gary Goldberg 23.5 2
Racing for home Marley Adams 22.5 3
Mystic Mezquita Motion John Wallace 22.0  
Autumn Waterfall Colleen Pollack 21.5  
A Balancing Touch Margus Kask 22.0  
Star Trail Over Mount Washington Colleen Pollack 22.5  
Architecture – Intermediate      
Eastman House Foyer Bill Komar 23.5 1
Stucco_Composition Milos Brkic 22.5 2
The Highline NYC Sandra Meddick-Ruth 22.0 3
Front Street Adam Tatarnic 21.5 HM
support Susan Lappin 21.5 HM
Canadian Museum Of History  Maureen Littlewood 21.5 HM
Brick Works Bill Komar 19.5  
Shapes of Seattle Jeff Curran 20.5  
Moonrise Over St. George Jim Balfour 19.5  
Line_of_Sight Milos Brkic 20.0  
Another Great Fall Day STEPHEN DUNN 19.5  
San Giorgio Maggiore Jim Balfour 21.0  
Inside-out Milos Brkic 17.5  
Old Courtyard Fernando Neves 21.0  
Good Morning, Toronto! Jim Balfour 21.0  
Towering over Toronto George Socka 18.5  
Hydro Building Adam Tatarnic 20.5  
Vuitton Mark Kremblewski 21.0  
“Octulus” Station House NYC Sandra Meddick-Ruth 19.5  
Balconies Norm Neilly-Spence 21.0  
Woodbine_Bathing_Station Rick Bender 19.0  
Manueline Window Fernando Neves 20.0  
Towering over New York George Socka 20.0  
ReflectedParliamentBuilding JuneGalbraith 21.0  
Glass Sky Adam Tatarnic 19.0  



Architecture – Advanced      
Rye High Facades Margus Kask 24.0 1
Midst 850 Columns of the Mezquita-Cordoba John Wallace 22.5 2
Stormy Day at the CN Marley Adams 22.5 3
St Peters Hampton NB Selby Shanly 22.0 HM
Golden Entrance Downtown Detroit Selby Shanly 20.5  
Deconstruction Gary Goldberg 21.5  
Confederation_Bridge Gary Goldberg 20.0  
Stragglers at the Opera-Four Seasons Centre John Wallace 21.0  
Renaissance Intrusion-Mezquita-Cordobe John Wallace 21.5  
Petra Treasury Margus Kask 21.5  



Patterns and Shapes – Intermediate      
SunsetThroughTheBottles JuneGalbraith 23.5 1
Building with Geometric Shapes Sandra Meddick-Ruth 23.0 2
Tall and Narrow Sandra Meddick-Ruth 23.0 3
The Helix Jim Balfour 23.0 HM
Ribbons Mark Kremblewski 22.5 HM
Jelly Store Bill Komar 22.0 HM
natures_pattern Susan Lappin 20.0  
Greek_Isles Milos Brkic 21.0  
Almost Monochrome Adam Tatarnic 22.0  
Pillars & Ponds Patterns and Shapes Maureen Littlewood 21.5  
Happy Hour Jeff Curran 21.0  
Pattern in Pine Cyndy Neilly-Spence 17.5  
Just_Another_Stone_in_the_Wall Milos Brkic 19.0  
Heed The Yellow Line STEPHEN DUNN 19.0  
LINES_AND_CIRCLES Kersti Meema 20.5  
Jelly Jars Bill Komar 19.5  
Take a seat Jeff Curran 21.5  
Chihuly Mark Kremblewski 22.0  
Garden Patterns And Shapes  Maureen Littlewood 19.5  
California_Gold Milos Brkic 22.0  
Locks Adam Tatarnic 20.5  
Turkeytail Cyndy Neilly-Spence 19.0  
Smooth and Round George Socka 21.5  
A cat in Paris Mark Kremblewski 20.5  
Campus bench on a Sunday Jeff Curran 17.5  
Live_Totem_Pole Rick Bender 22.0  
Patterns and Shapes – Advanced      
Citadel Circles Margus Kask 24.0 1
Tri Blue Angles Margus Kask 22.5 2
Water Plant View Selby Shanly 22.0 3
Construction Elevator John Wallace 21.5  
Fibonacci and the Pinecone Colleen Pollack 20.0  
At the edge of the Ascending Curtain Wall John Wallace 22.0  



The Beaches – Intermediate      
Serenity JuneGalbraith 22.5 1
Beach Pianoman At Night Bill Komar 21.0 2
Leuty Lifeguard Station #342 Mark Kremblewski 21.0 3
Boy chasing bubble Norm Neilly-Spence 19.5  
Beach Christmas Tree Adam Tatarnic 20.0  
Boys at play Norm Neilly-Spence 19.0  
Cluttered Clock George Socka 20.5  
The Beaches – Advanced      
Cold_October Gary Goldberg 24.0 1
Snowy_Sunrise Gary Goldberg 23.0 2
Night on the Boardwalk Marley Adams 23.0 3
Piano Man Selby Shanly 20.0  
Star Search Over Leuty Colleen Pollack 21.5  
Victoria Day at The Beach Colleen Pollack 21.5  
Open – Beginner      
Shoreline mirror Norm Neilly-Spence 22.0 1
Butterfly at rest Norm Neilly-Spence 19.5 2
With thoughts of Megan Cyndy Neilly-Spence 19.0  
Serenity by Canoe Cyndy Neilly-Spence 17.5  



Open – Intermediate      
Moon and Venus Mark Kremblewski 25.0 1
ALGONQUIN_SUNRISE Kersti Meema 24.0 2
Soaring in the meadow STEPHEN DUNN 24.0 3
KissedByAutumn JuneGalbraith 23.0 HM
Poppies Fernando Neves 19.5  
Ready to strike STEPHEN DUNN 21.0  
Fall Forest Jim Balfour 21.0  
RhapsodyReflectedInStone JuneGalbraith 20.0  
Done for the day Jeff Curran 20.0  
Young_Robin_With_Berry Rick Bender 21.0  
fabric_ flower Susan Lappin 20.0  
Wakefield Covered Bridge  Maureen Littlewood 19.5  
The_Forgotten_Bus_Stop Rick Bender 22.5  
Secrets Jeff Curran 22.5  
Face_in_question Susan Lappin 20.5  
Open – Advanced      
Science and Religion Colleen Pollack 25.0 1
Impression of Autumn Glory Selby Shanly 23.5 2
Striped Sara Margus Kask 23.5 3
Sienna Gary Goldberg 23.0  
Keeping Watch Selby Shanly 20.0