Contests provide opportunities to share your photos and learn what makes a winning image.  We encourage all members to participate in one of 3 groups:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  In addition to learning how you can improve your own images, you will see the work of your fellow members.   Contests are either digital where the images are projected or print, Judging is done by certified Judges – and the comments are always constructive and useful. Certificates are awarded to the contest winners.

The contest schedule and subject matter for 2017-2018 is:

Digital – Contest 1 – Nov 16, 2017

Landscape and Geology
The great outdoors.  Image can range from great vistas and scenic views to detailed studies of earths physical structure and substance.

Studies in the reflection of light.  Images may or may not include the source of the reflection.  How light bounces is the main feature.

Its all about the plants.  Often flowers but there’s lots of other interesting stuff out there.

The Beach (extra category)
Images of our local neighbourhood; streetscapes, landmarks, the beach itself  – images must be landscape/horizontal proportions (wider than tall).  Up to 5 (of a total of 6) may be entered for this category.

Any subject matter is eligible.

Digital – Contest 2 – March 22, 2018

Architecture and Cityscapes
The primary feature of these images will be the man made world.  Urban, not rural.

People and Portraits
Sorry, your cat is not a person!

Creative Vision/Abstract
The focus of this category is images that are a little (or a lot) removed from reality.  Based on critique session discussion we will ask the judges to forgo the comment “there does not appear to be a focal point to this image”  thus allowing higher scores for images of ‘patterns’.

Any subject matter is eligible.

Print – Contest 3 – May 17, 2018

Colour Print
Any subject matter is eligible.

Monochrome Print
A monochrome print must use only one colour on white (or near white) paper. While the most common colour is black, another colour may be used. Any subject matter is eligible.