Volunteering for ‘Toronto 2015’ Panam/ParaPan Am Games by Joanne Quinn

Opening Ceremony Fireworks Front Seat View from my deck


Opening Ceremony Fireworks – Front Seat View from my deck.

The following is an excerpt from an article submitted by Joanne Quinn on her experiences volunteering for the Panam/ParaPan Am Games in July and August. You can read the full article by clicking here and I encourage everyone to check it out, it’s an amazing article and thanks to Joanne for sharing your experiences and your wonderful images!


Volunteering at the Panam/Parapan Games was a truly amazing experience. As a T1 driver, it was my job to drive clients to many of the fabulous venues throughout the GTA. I was very fortunate to spend the better part of the games with one of the senior medical staff (blood doping doctor) who was required to do much of the testing for medal events. (he was full of stories) We would be at each venue for several hours and he would do his work while I watched various competitions and medal ceremonies.

Shooting with my Phone

As drivers, it was suggested that we not take photographs of our clients unless they agreed, as well as athletes and their families. Knowing this, I decided to leave all my regular paraphernalia at home and just shoot with my phone, which was quick, discreet and easy to shove in my pocket. Because there were dedicated media everywhere, and specific areas for them, I felt less inclined to pull out my equipment when they were working so hard to do their work.

It was fascinating, interesting and exciting all at the same time. The common thread between the Panam and Parapan Am Games was the determination, enthusiasm and focus of the athletes.

Volunteering for the games was definitely a privilege and something I will never forget.

Well Done Toronto!

You can read the full article by clicking here