2015-2016 BPC Scavenger Hunt 5

For the month of June, I used my 4×5 camera out photographing with my friends. On one occasion I used it for a fun model shoot at Grange Park and surrounding area. I had brought 4 backs with me, 8 shots. One was bungled up because Edda decided to lick her lips just as I snapped the shutter.

On my way to a club meeting I brought my baronika with the Polaroid back attached, taking photos along the way. They were over exposed and small because it only exposed the size of a 120 negative. Over exposed because I forgot the ISO of the film I was using.

I want YOU to dig up any images you would have taken with a film camera before you traded or stuffed your camera away in storage. You may think film photography is a dying art, but it’s not as dead as you or others may think it is.

You have all summer to dig up all the photos you can find. There are no particular categories. The processed images are due in digital format two weeks before Members night, which is January 21st. If you are not able to scan them (the image not the negative), let me know and we can think of other alternatives.

Entry form coming soon. Please check back.