Fall Colours 2015: Weekend Excursion Recap

With many dates and locations changes, the fall annual trip took place anyways with two participants. PaIMG_20151017_125123 (1)m Richards and myself. 

We headed to Kawartha Lakes Area in a small town of Dunsford at a fellow members Cottage.  

We drove up Friday and stopped and shot some fall colors at an old church along the way and enjoyed a nice lunch in Uxbridge. When stopping for a few supplies at a grocery store in Lindsay we had a wild hail storm covering the windshield of the van a few times. It was short lived.

We unloaded at the cottage and explored the area a bit and settled on a lovely spot for a sunset picture. IMG_20151017_182904 (1)

The Next day we explored many of the town’s around the area looking for Fall Colors or anything interesting to shoot along the way. We left Dunsford headed for Lindsay got some fall colors along the Trent Canal and a few Mills. Captured a silo against the blue sky. Then off to Fenlon Falls, a stop in Bobcaygeon for Ice Cream. We then stopped to shoot a blue heron and off to Burleigh Falls and last a sunset on our way back to Dunsford. The weather was cold, windy at times, sunny, cloudy and at sunset we got some snow happening which produced a wonderful double rainbow. 

Sunday we meandered our way home stopping to shoot along the way, had some lunch and even stopped at the Ponty Pool Mill. Then off to Tyrone Mill for a fill of warm donuts and picked up something for dinner before heading home. 

It was a nice IMG_20151018_151336 (1)weekend despite there just being the two of us. Hopefully next year we can get more people joining in. The fall trip is always in some type of cabin or cottage, since the weather can be a bit unpredictable then. IMG_20151017_144710 (1) IMG_20151016_180732 (1)    IMG_20151017_123037 (1) IMG_20151017_123023 (1) IMG_20151017_121348 (1)