Weekend Excursions

Every year we like to plan a variety of different trips to appeal to everyone (Cabins, Yurts, and Camping). We try to plan four trips throughout the year. We start booking these weekend excursions anywhere from 4-6 months in advance in order to get the location we want. Some locations are very popular and you have to be ready to book those locations as soon as it opens up. Over the years we have visited many different places and do try some new locations as well as the most popular places we return on many occasions. We are always looking for new and exciting locations to shoot. If you have a suggestion feel free to pass it onto Maureen.

As the Coordinator I will help with making sure you are placed in a car pool to get there and back. If you have a car and are able to be a driver let me know and I can provide you with members to drive. I will make arrangements  for shared accommodations with other members. Everyone has their own bed but there could be anywhere from 2-4 beds per each accommodation (Cabin or Yurts). I would give you with a list of things you would need to bring for the trip(s), as well as answer any questions you have before, or during the trip. – and even afterwards too.

On all of the trips you would need to book off Fridays as we plan on leaving sometime in the morning. Anyone interested in any of the weekend excursions should speak to Maureen either at a meeting, via email at maureenlittlewood@gmail.com or by cell phone at 416-723-9581 leave a voice mail message or text message.

There is a $25.00 NON-Refundable Deposit for each trip. This deposit can be paid by cash, cheque or email transfer to Maureen Littlewood. This deposit is to secure a spot. 

FALL 2015 COLOURS TRIP – click here for a recap


When: Fri. Jan. 22 – Sun. Jan. 24/16 
Where: MacGregor Point Provincial Park
For this location you drive your car to the site and park there.


When: Fri. Feb. 12 – Mon. Feb. 15, 2016
Where: Killarney Provincial Park (potentially)

For this location, there is a short walk to the yurts of 500 meters.‎ There are toboggan available to tow your gear down to the yurts. Dates and locations are potential locations and will be subject to availability of yurts.  

I will plan for people to have a car pool and sleeping arrangements. I will also provide a list of items needed to bring besides your own sleeping bag and pillows. 

Each yurt comes with 2 sets of bunk beds. A double bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top. ‎Yurts have electrical heat, electrical plugs to charge batteries and cell phones etc. A BBQ is outside for cooking on. A table and chairs are also inside the yurt. The Yurt is a heavy material type tent material on a wooden platform.  

Each yurt has 4 beds, so there would be up to 4 people per yurt unless someone wishes to share a bed with someone else. In which there could be 5 or 6 people. Both locations have a heated comfort station a short distance away as well as vaulted outhouses close by too. Though the one in Killarney has NO shower facilities for the winter. Please feel free to ask any questions about the yurts or the trip.     

 Executive Contact:  Maureen Littlewood