Program 2021 – 2022

Sept.  9  – Drone Photography by Rob Stimpson  – on Zoom

My latest talk on how the drone has become another artistic tool in my photography services. Through the use of video and stills, the possibilities are endless. I will take you on an image filled hour of my exploits with aerial imagery & videos of our landscapes.

Sept. 23  – Unique Dramatic Portraits by John Hyrnuik – on Zoom

 John Hryniuk is an internationally recognized, award-winning professional photographer based in Toronto, specializing in advertising, editorial, portrait, corporate and industrial photography. 

John is known for bringing out the best in everyone he photographs, with a unique visual style that reveals the essence of his subjects. His portraits, of everyone from boardroom titans and celebrities to unknown locals and industrial workers, have been praised for revealing humanity in all its diverse, touching and sometimes quirky ways. 

John will talk about his career and approach, showing how he seeks illuminate a subject’s character in his portraits.

Photo Challenge: Legs

Oct. 7  – What Trained Judges Look for in an Image by Rod Trider  – On Zoom 

 Rod will talk about the Judging process and what trained judges look for in images and how to make a better scoring image. Whether you submit to competitions or not we will talk about how to improve your creative visions. Rod would like members to send him images beforehand so that they can be critiqued and everyone learns what to look for in the image. Rod has been a Judge for over 25 year and has judged over 240 time at Club, National & International competitions.

Oct. 21 – Members’ Night – on Zoom 

Members will make presentations on their recent work

Nov. 4 – Street Photography by Dave Bottom and David Williams – On Zoom

 Dave Bottoms has been shooting the mean streets of Toronto since 2009. Although he started out as a pure street shooter, he now considers himself more of a documentary photographer. He’s written numerous articles on the topic for Petapixel, a leading online photo magazine. When not out making photos, Dave spends much of his time moderating the Toronto Street Photography Facebook group. In 2018 he published his first BW street photography book and he’s currently working on his second, this one featuring his colour work.

David Williams is a street and documentary photographer who is frequently seen shooting the streets with Dave Bottoms but their styles are distinctly different. Almost exclusively working in monochrome, he’s recently been exploring the use of composites to alter mood and bring some added colour and texture to his images.

Photo Challenge: Ambedo

Nov. 18 –  Photo Contest 1 (Digital) – Results of Judging – On Zoom

Categories are Nature Birds/Animals, Contrasting Colours , Beach–Hometown Pride, and Open

Dec. 2  – The Creative Process by Janne Reuss – On Zoom

 Janne is a conceptually-driven artist who uses photography as main medium in her work, but likes to keep the boundaries fluid between photography, painting and installation. In her work she explores inner and outer spaces as metaphors for the existential human condition of freedom and confinement. In her presentation, Janne describes and shares her creative process as a magical journey that takes courage and deep work.

 Photo Challenge: Depth of Field

Dec. 16  – Christmas Social  – cancelled 


Jan. 6  – Composite Imagery – Adding More to Your Images by Rick Mackenzie – On Zoom

 As photographers we are always on the lookout for new and interesting subjects. Sometimes, you are able to  capture an interesting background but maybe you feel that you want or need to add something to tell the story or at least add a little more interest.  One way to approach this is to photograph the elements separately and then blend everything together later. The concept of compositing, although not new to photography has been taken to a new level with today’s modern digital techniques. In order to achieve a realistic or at least a believable outcome there are a few key things that you will need to know.  In this presentation we will explore, a few of the methods of subject extraction from a scene, perspective and how to deal with it properly, lighting and shadows, how to match the colour of added elements with that of the background

 Photo Challenge: Almost

Jan. 20 – Members’ Night – On Zoom

Members will provide presentations on various technical topics

Feb. 3     Budapest to Amsterdam by Riverboat by Leslie Bush – On Zoom

 Join Leslie as she chronicles her 2-week riverboat trip from Budapest to Amsterdam, exploring the many architectural and natural wonders along the Danube and Rhine rivers. Each country offers unique experiences for travellers – Hungary’s historic and contemporary life in Budapest; Austria’s imperial Vienna, Unesco designated Wachau Valley, and its baroque Melk Abbey; and then on to Germany’s medieval towns, historic Rhine Valley castles and fortresses, and its contemporary and historic cities of Nuremburg, Koblenze and Cologne.  The trip ends in Amsterdam with its historic canals amidst contemporary life.

Photo Challenge:  Fences

Feb. 17    Photo Contest 2  (Digital) – Results of Judging – On Zoom

 Categories are  Expansive Views, People in Action, Abstract Reflections, and Open

Mar. 3   Exploring Earth’s Extremes by George Kourounis

 George is Explorer In Residence for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society who specializes in documenting extreme forces of nature worldwide. He’ll be sharing with us some of the stories and images from his most harrowing encounters with wild natural phenomena like chasing tornadoes across Kansas, driving into the eye of hurricane Katrina, and descending on ropes down inside active volcanoes to get as close to the boiling lava as possible. While most people are running away from disaster, George is usually running INTO the danger zone with camera in hand. You may have seen him as the host of the long-running Angry Planet TV series, and can often be spotted on The Weather Network, Science Channel and others. His adventures to capture Mother Nature’s temper tantrums have brought him to 75 countries on all 7 continents. 

Photo Challenge: Keta

Mar. 24   Documenting the Portlands Transformation by Ryan Walker ad Vid Ingelevics

Since 2019, Toronto-based artists Vid Ingelevics and Ryan Walker have charted the progression of the Port Lands Flood Protection Project, one of the most ambitious civil works projects in North America, transforming Toronto’s Port Lands. For the first two years of the project, Ingelevics and Walker focused on the Port Lands’ disappearing industrial infrastructure and the complexities of excavating a post-industrial site and the resulting environmental cleanup. Recognizing the importance of engaging with a wider audience that has little access to the massive excavation site, the artists have implemented several large scale public installations to date.

Rob is a Commercial Photographer, specializing in food and still life, and a Photography instructor.He has  a great passion for the uniquely photographic world of B&W. In tonight’s lecture he’ll explore what makes the B&W photograph  work, and how to create more compelling B&W images He’ll cover how to shoot specifically for B&W, and then how to process and edit B&W photographs using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Apr.7  Newer Topographics by David Brandy

 David’s passion as an artist is to capture man-altered landscapes with a sense of “the uncanny” – the psychological experience of something as strangely familiar. Familiar objects or places evoke a sense of being both beautiful and strange, reflecting a splendour we seldom notice. In Newer Topographics, a canvas is created, which emphasizes the strong sense of isolation humankind feels due to the juxtaposition of natural landscape with solitary manmade constructs. The title of his series directly references the 1975 exhibition at George Eastman House in Rochester, New York, New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape.”

Photo Challenge: Frames

Apr. 21  RE-TRACE – Post-war Sarajevo – 1996 + 2019  by Denis McCready 

 How long does it take for the traces of war to disappear? Denis McCready photographed post-war Sarajevo in 1996. Amidst the spring blossoms, the ruins, and the newly reopened cafés, people walked everywhere safely in what felt like a suspended state of being. They had stopped dying, but they hadn’t started living again. He returned in 2019 and revisited hundreds of locations he had previously photographed.  

May 5 – Stories Our Bodies Tell by Aleksandar Antonijevic

 As an internationally renowned ballet dancer, I spent 35 years studying my body in the mirror, understanding shape, form, light and expression, all in an attempt to tell a story. I have transferred all of those qualities to my fine art photography. Human body and face for me present an endless pool of inspiration and possibilities to engage the viewer and ultimately create something worth pondering and analyzing.

Photo Challenge: Recreate an Advertisement

May 19 – Photo Contest 3 (Digital) – Results of Judging – on Zoom

Categories are Architecture, People, Light and Darkness, and Open

June 2  –  End of Season BBQ Social ***tentative

Location TBD

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