Our 2017 – 2018 program interesting and informative.

 Sept. 7     An Introduction to Adobe Lightroom: Features and Workflow
By Rob Davidson
Adobe Lightroom has become the leading application for organizing, optimizing, and sharing your photography. The range or features and capabilities are everything a photographer needs, with a simple and intuitive interface. This evening you’ll learn how to get started using Lightroom, see the amazing possibilities for developing your photos, and get a feel for the various things this powerhouse application can do for you.  Rob Davidson is a Commercial Photographer specializing in Food Photography. He also teaches photography at the Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. He’s an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom, which he uses every day for his professional and personal photography.

 Sept. 21     Piercing Time: Paris After Marville and Atget
By Peter Sramek
Piercing Time: Paris After Marville and Atget examines urban change and the documentary role of photography, juxtaposing contemporary rephotographs by Peter Sramek with 19th century images by Charles Marville along with corresponding photographs by Eugène Atget from the early 20th century. Without identification photographs remain pictorial, yet when given a location or a map, they begin to create a conception and understanding of place. Sramek will discuss both the history of Marville’s commission and his own experience of exploring the Paris in search of the sites where Marville and Atget stood.

 Oct. 5    Coming Home
By Geoff Fitzgerald
A mere 20 minutes outside of Newfoundland’s capitol sits a 34 square kilometre chunk of iron ore floating in the Atlantic Ocean. This island consists of three small communities of people that call this rock home. The mining town has dwindled over the years from 15,000 to about 2500 today since the mines closed in 1966. Now every year these same people make the trip back during the summer to visit friends and family and finally feel like they are home again. In this series of photographs Geoff Fitzgerald will showcase the beauty of Bell Island and it’s people though the history of their landscape in which they have lived a life of seclusion for many years.

 Oct. 19    A talk with Robert Burley
By Robert Burley
Robert Burley will discuss his “digital turn” as a photographer working in a time of radical technological change and in relation to his book, “The Disappearance of Darkness: Photography at the end of the Analog Era”.  Burley’s career spans 35 years and focuses on landscape and architecture.  He lives in Toronto and teaches in the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University.

 Nov. 2    Explorations in Black & White Photography
By Adam Merifield
Adam Merifield will present black and white photography techniques that will help you take your images to the next level. You will learn new perspectives to change the way you see and approach black and white photography. Adam’s workshop will be image-rich, and its content and pace will leave you with real value whether you’re a novice or star. Participation is encouraged. Adam Merifield is a Canadian master landscape photographer whose passion lies in photographing remote regions of Georgian Bay. Adam is a CAPA trained judge and popular speaker having delivered presentations titled: Explorations in Landscape Photography, Explorations in Creativity, Advanced Photoshop Techniques, and What Do Your Photographs Say About You? Adam is also a member of World renowned photographer, John Paul Caponigro’s Next Step Collective, based out of Cushing Maine. Adam fears bears.

 Nov. 16      Photo Contest 1 (Digital) – Judging
Categories are: Landscape and Geology, Reflections, Botany, The Beach (extra category) and Open.

 Dec. 7    Personal Expression through Fine Art Photography
By W. Stephen Cooper
Steve has had a lifelong passion for photography. In addition to commercial assignments, Steve regularly displays his photography at art galleries and exhibitions.  At the beginning of his career, Steve used medium format cameras with film to produce art in his darkroom. He currently applies many of the analogue techniques learned there to his digitally-based work. For this presentation he will take you through his photographic process, from the early stages of conceptualization and previsualization, to realizing his vision in creating the final image.

 Dec. 21   Christmas Social ***
At the Beacher Cafe

 Jan.  4    From Route 66 to the Salton Sea: photographer’s journey from hobbyist to globetrotter
By Sandi Wheaton
Two bodies of work and a great story. Sandi has traveled to photograph the post-apocalyptic Salton Sea every year since 2005, documenting its changes over time. In 2009, after losing her full-time video producer job with General Motors, she embarked on a life-changing cross-country journey across the US on historic Route 66. She will share her circuitous path from being an unemployed photography hobbyist, to a paid artist and writer, photo tour leader and photography professor.

 Jan. 18    Members Night
Members will make presentations on their recent work

FFeb. 1      CLEARCUT- Landscape Panoramics
By Matthew Plexman
Matthew Plexman has been combining his commercial photography practice with his passion for landscape photography for over 35 years.  Over the past several years, Matthew has been working on a series of panoramic landscape images in logging areas of Northern Ontario, entitled “CLEARCUT”.  Matthew will discuss various logistical, creative and technical aspects of his landscape photography, including the use of Capture One software and Photoshop for stitching panoramics.
 Feb. 15    Beyond the Photograph
By Mikäel Surget
There is the photograph, beautiful or not. My joy comes in deconstructing that image to create texture and depth, to hide and expose, to find something I didn’t see when I first took the image. Let me walk you through my journey taking the photograph, utilizing Photoshop filters and layers to reconstruct the image, and finally using it as the base for my paintings
 Mar. 1    Picture Purpose
By Kasha Slavner
    Kasha Sequoia Slavner is a 19 year old photographer, filmmaker, social entrepreneur and 6x UN youth delegate. An accomplished young creative she has worked with National Geographic Learning, published a 208 page photography book about her six month journey abroad called Reflections of The Sunrise Storyteller and completed her first feature documentary film on global citizenship The Sunrise Storyteller which had it’s world premiere at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in March, 2017. Kasha’s work as a young photojournalist explores the use of photography as a peace building tool to inspire a more compassionate world of caring and creative global citizens.

 Mar. 22    Photo Contest 2 (Digital) – Judging *
Categories are: Architecture and Cityscapes, People and Portraits, Creative Vision/Abstract and Open.

 Apr. 5    Stories Our Bodies Tell
By Aleksandar Antonijevic
As an internationally renowned ballet dancer, I spent 35 years studying my body in the mirror, understanding shape, form, light and expression, all in an attempt to tell a story. I have transferred all of those qualities to my fine art photography. Human body and face for me present an endless pool of inspiration and possibilities to engage the viewer and ultimately create something worth pondering and analyzing.

 Apr. 19   A Visit to the AGO ***
By Maia-Mari Sutnik
The personal guided tours led by Maia have always been a highlight of the season’s program. This time Maia will draw from the AGO vaults images by the inimitable Diane Arbus and discuss her approach to portraiture, comparing her work to portraits by Ed Steichen, Arnold Newman,  Yousef Karsh, and other notable photographs in the AGO collection.

 May 3    SOFIA (Society Of Females In Art) Collective
By Michelle Yee
As a co-founding member of the all-women’s photography collective, SOFIA, NYC-based photographer Michelle Yee will share stories from the collective’s inception as well as how it has affected and influenced her own career and individual artistic practice over the three years since its formation. Michelle was primarily a commercial photographer in Toronto for the decade prior but, since SOFIA’s inception, her focus and career have since shifted to creating more meaningful and personal documentary narrative work that explores themes such as loss, identity, transformation, and self-discovery.
 May 17    Photo Contest 3 (Print) – Judging
Categories are: Monochrome and Colour.
 June 7    Exploring the vernacular: from the personal to the anonymous.
By Sara Angelucci
Sara Angelucci is a Toronto-based artist working in photography, video, and audio. Her projects draw from a range of personal photographs and films—to anonymous and found images. Pointing to histories outside the image frame, her work draws attention to the ways photographs are constructed to tell particular stories, create histories, and participate in memorialization.  Sara’s talk will present a range of projects in which she will elaborate on themes in her work and the various material explorations she has undertaken with both found photographs and her own images. 
June 21
End of Season BBQ Social ***

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