Our 2016 – 2017 program interesting and informative.

Sept. 8 * Creating Riveting Slideshows
by Judy and Carm Griffin
Distinguished members of the Etobicoke CC, Judy and Carm will demonstrate how to put together informative and compelling slideshows using Sony Vegas software. Captivating prepared shows on a variety of theme will illustrate different approaches to presentation.

Sep. 22 * From Chris Hadfield to Cuban Tobacco Workers
By David Wile
In his career, David has shot the likes of Simon Whitfield and Robert Deluce, promotional shots for UOIT and Blazer magazine and photo essays on logging in B.C. and the relics of Detroit. David will lead an open discussion about photography. The focus will be on the issue of How to make a living in a forever changing industry. Some simple techniques to create amazing images will be shown.

Oct. 6 How to make your concert photographs sing
By Kris King
As a staff photographer for the Toronto TD Jazz Festival for most of it’s 30 years, Kris will share some of her insights into how to recognize and capture those ‘special’ moments in music along with necessary equipment. She will share some war stories of dealing with artists managers, bad lighting, the paying public and the artists themselves .

Oct. 20 Ice Huts
By Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson has spent a career studying and photographing buildings. His Ice Huts project is a natural extension of this, a ten year examination of a particular type of vernacular architecture unique to the many regions of Canada. Richard will discuss some of the technical challenges while working in -25˚.He will also offer insights into the business of printing and selling from his Toronto Gallery.

Nov. 3 In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven
By Jim and Sue Wadddington
For forty years Jim and Sue have been planning their canoe trips to try to locate and photograph the exact scenes that inspired Canada’s most famous artists. The show will compare the artwork with photographs of some of the 600 locations we have found, not only in Ontario, but stretching from BC to Nova Scotia to Nunavut.

Nov. 17 Photo Contest 1 (Digital) – Judging
Categories are Twilight, Rivers, Animals and Open.

Dec. 1 Toronto’s Photo Laureate
By Geoffrey James
Self taught in photography, Geoffrey James has had a distinguished career, being honoured with a Governor General’s award and being designated T..O’s first Photo Laureate in the Spring of 2016. His monochrome images of the deserted streets of Paris and Lethbridge, of the desolate panoramas of new sub divisions in the GTA, of barren landscapes of Quebec asbestos mines and of the US/Mexican border wall make powerful visual and social statements.

Dec. 15 Christmas Social ***
At the Beacher Cafe

Jan. 5 Landscape Photography; A Perspective
By Philip Jessup
The earliest photographs recorded elements of the natural landscape. The depiction of Nature in photography evolved in lockstep, or sometimes in rebellion against, trends in painting, literature, and philosophy, while shaped by technical advancements and public fads. This talk will explore the artists and images of the last 170 years that influenced this landscape photographer’s subject matter and style.

Jan. 19 Members Night
Members will make presentations on their recent work.

Feb. 2 Antique Processes for Antique Sites
By Monica Glitz and Bob Carnie
Printmaker Bob Carnie and photographer Monica Glitz discuss the creation of unique and permanent photo prints through the combination of images of historically significant subjects, printmaking processes from the early 1900’s and modern technology. Monica’s Ancient Splendour – World Heritage Sites exhibition was over one year in the making and the complexity of putting together this show from start to finish will be discussed with special emphasis on the alternative printing processes of Tri Colour Pigment Gum over Palladium and Platinum Palladium. Q&A session will be moderated by production coordinator Carissa Ainslie, all questions for the team are welcome.
Feb. 16 Tech Talk: Winter Photography
By David Sweeney
What better month to learn the techniques for taking photos in the snow. To be arranged after will be an outing to exercise the techniques; then a critique of the results. Watch the online calendar for dates.

Mar. 9 * Fake or Photo? Modern Digital Rendering
By Oliver de la Rama
Using physics-based lighting and a highly photographic approach, Oliver and his visualization crew take computer-generated graphics to the next level by portraying unbuilt architecture and environments in their natural surroundings. Using a combination of hand-sketches, CAD drawings, photographic textures and 3D computer sculpting, Digital Blackmagic create stunningly realistic impressions of the not-so-distant future.

Mar. 23 * Photo Contest 2 (Print) – Judging
Categories are Colour and Monochrome.

Apr. 5 A Visit to the AGO ***
AGO By Maia-Mari Sutnik
Wed, The personal guided tours led by Maia have 6:30 always be a highlight of the season’s program Whether she expounds on a current exhibition or describes some of the treasures in the vaults, members are delighted by her erudition and good humour.

Apr. 20 Movie Set Photography and more
By Marni Grossman
Drawn to aesthetics at a young age, Marni was compelled to pick up a camera and begin to document what she saw. Launching a career in the film and television industry in 1979, she amassed 35 years of experience, credits and a respected reputation. Marni will share some stories, good and not so good about working in a very exciting but extremely demanding and competitive industry..She will have some of her work available to view..

May 4 Absolute Photography as Modern Art
By John McQuade
John the founder of Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography and of AbsoluteEye Photography. Miksang is called contemplative photography and gives emphasis to the cultivation of direct and clear seeing. AbsoluteEye explores the connection of direct perception photography with the work of American Modern Art. This presentation will be from AbsoluteEye.

May 18 Photo Contest 3 (Digital) – Judging
Categories are Shadows, Urban, Rural, and Open

June 1 Oculus
By Thomas Brasch
In his series, Oculus, Thomas creates fascination from what appears to be the mundane. Each image is like a Mandela or a kaleidoscope. Colour and pattern are the inspiration, as seen in landscapes and still life as well as architecture, Persian carpets and glass sculptures . Real becomes surreal Inconspicuous details become a singularity of beauty and truth in the eye of the beholder

June 15 End of Season BBQ Social ***

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Programs are subject to change. Please check back. *** indicates a location other than Beach United Church