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Tech Session – Imaging Snowflakes

Snowflakes 101 – A Beginner’s Guides to Capturing Snowflakes

Using a 50mm macro lens

This Tech Session was presented on January 21, 2021 by Kersti Meema. The following is a summary of what was presented and is intended to get you started on photographing snowflakes. 

What you need:

  • Camera with macro lens (or lens with macro capability)
  • Remote trigger
  • Tripod
  • Glass plate (the glass from an old picture frame works well – cover edges in duct tape)
  • Falling snow! Temperatures of -8 oC to -5oC work well.
  • Extension tubes
  • Sharpening software – I used Topaz Sharpening AI

How to:

  • Set glass plate outside to cool down
  • Find a sheltered spot – porch, garage with door open – with enough ambient light
  • Set up glass plate between two supports – level as best you can
  • Consider the background – black fabric more than 50 cm from glass
  • Set up camera (with remote trigger and extension tubes if you have them) on tripod over the glass plate
  • Capture snowflakes on glass plate and place on support
  • Focus and shoot


  • Settings for image without extension tubes (suggested just to get you started)
    • F-stop f/4
    • Exposure time 1/10 sec
    • ISO 100
    • Focal length 50 mm – macro lens
  • Without extension tubes you will need to crop heavily around an individual snowflake
  • Sharpen with software
  • Using mirror lockup will help reduce shake on these very magnified images
  • When using extension tubes, try focus stacking since your set-up is likely not to be 100% perfectly level. This can be done with as few as 3 images. Then sharpen the final image.


Using Extension tubes and 3 stacked images   Using extension tubes and 3 stacked images

SNAP Silent Auction – March 2021- Jeff Curran

Another high profile annual event on the Toronto art scene is the SNAP auction organized by ACT, Canada’s leading AIDS service agency. The next Gala event will be held on March 25, 2021 at the Arcadian Court and I am beyond excited to have one of my images, Game of Tones, selected for the Silent Auction. All the funds are supporting the AIDS Committee of Toronto, more details at  

Game Of Tones

When the night is over, a new journey starts along the spectrum of human experience. A search for meaning, through contrasting realities and tones that bring the balance and harmony we are seeking. Every shade is beautiful. A rewarding venture.

Member Publication – Autumn 2020 – Kersti Meema

I was delighted to learn that an article with photographs that I submitted to the magazine Nature Photographer was accepted and published in the Summer/Early Autumn issue. The article entitled “Going on a Moose Safari” describes my adventures photographing moose in Algonquin Park in June of 2018 and includes four of my images from that weekend.

Bull moose   Cow moose and calf

Moose in the mist   Cow Moose and Calf

Member Exhibit – November 2020 – Jeff Curran

There are a few reasons for wanting to have your work in a gallery space. Exhibitions are a great way of getting your work seen and evaluate how it is received by the public. In addition, the exposure offered by an event in a formal setting can be monetized through sales.

This year at “Spectra”, part of the annual CONTACT photography festival, I presented a series of four resin cast images mounted on wood panels. The show, which ran between November 11 – 22 at Gallery 1313 on Queen Street West, featured the work of 14 artists who are members of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. 

In a time when things are deliberately overexposed, I find myself continuously returning to those aspects that are often hidden, my images making visible what is overlooked. Throughout this series, I invite the viewer to move into a space of gentle energy. As almost everything reflects light, I use photographic processes to reveal an ethereal but lively essence of momentary dispersions of light on various surfaces. They are all different and the living shapes created by the reflections produce a unique experience that requires one to look more closely and deeply. 

refraction 1 of 4 refraction 2 of 4 refraction 3 of 4 refraction 4 of 4