Canada in 150 Photos

Beach Photo Club Canada 150 Poster 1 2 3 4 5 900When the photographers of the Beach Photo Club in Toronto looked for a way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, they did what photographers do – they took pictures. And they looked through their personal archives of photographs they had taken over the years across Canada. From Newfoundland lighthouses to British Columbia ferries. From the torch of the Vancouver Winter Olympics to the Toronto CN tower. Calgary oil fields, Saskatchewan wheat cars, Yukon sled dogs, Montreal shrines, the PEI Confederation Bridge, the Nova Scotia Fortress of Louisbourg and The Big Fiddle in Sydney harbour. And people and landscapes in between, from coast to coast.

 They assembled 150 photos of Canada and printed collages of them on posters to be hung in 50 stores and restaurants in their small part of Canada, the Toronto Beaches, in time for the July 1 celebration. They put on their movie producer hats and created film vignettes to be distributed on the internet and played in local movie houses. They mounted an exhibition of 20 representative images in the Beacher Café s gallery.

Separate videos of the work of the Women Photographers of Beach Photo Club were created in support the Female Eye Film Festival of which Beach Photo Club is a Community Supporter.

The exhibitions and poster and film campaigns will be available by July 1, in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, and be enjoyed in 50 East End business storefronts and eateries from Queen Street to Danforth Avenue over the summer of 2017. Posters will be presented to the City of Toronto Photo Laureate, Geoffrey James, and to City Council. See where the posters are displayed here



 As Maureen Littlewood, Beach Photo Club President, put it: “We all feel that Canada is the greatest place on earth to be on July 1. This is our artistic way of saying that.”