Contests provide opportunities to share your photos and learn what makes a winning image.  We encourage all members to participate in one of 3 groups:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  In addition to learning how you can improve your own images, you will see the work of your fellow members.   Contests are either digital where the images are projected or print.  For the print category, we encourage all members to try their hand at printing images – we provide print mounting instruction and demonstration and allow images as small as 8″x10″.   Judging is done by certified Judges – and the comments are always constructive and useful. Certificates are awarded to the contest winners.

The contest schedule and subject matter for 2018-2019

General:  All themes may include ‘artistic impression’.  This includes HDR and other techniques that significantly alter what the eye sees.  This is not necessary and the full range of styles is acceptable including ‘as shot’.  The intent is to allow artistic impression without designating a special category.

Digital Competition I – Nov 15, 2018

The images gives the impression of movement.  The primary subject matter must be in movement.  These may be panning shots or other techniques that clearly show the object in motion.  It may also be a freeze frame of a subject clearly moving.

The built man-made world.  Usually buildings but may include other structures.  This category includes small or large groupings of architecture, often referred to as ‘cityscape’.

Patterns or Shapes
In this category the patterns or shape of an item is the primary interest. 

The Beaches
Our special category to collect calendar images of our beaches neighbourhood.  Local architecture, streetscapes, people (who are clearly in the neighbourhood) can be included in category.  We are always looking for alternatives to sand and water.  Note:  images of the winter beach art installations are in category, but are not eligible for the calendar due to copywrite issues.

Any subject matter is acceptable.

Digital Competition II – April 4, 2019

Water is the main subject matter but can be in any form; ice, vapour, liquid.  The image should be about the water itself.  For example, mist in a landscape would be considered out of category.  Following the example, mist rising about water is in category. 

Landscapes (including Seascapes and Skyscapes)
These images are usually a large vista of the earth and/or body of water and/or sky.  The primary subject should be the scenery itself, although the image may include secondary elements such as buildings, structures, people, animals or any other object, as long as those secondary elements are not dominant. 

New and Old (juxtaposition)
The interest in the image is the interplay between something new and something old.  This can be almost any subject but must include new and old.

Any subject matter is acceptable.

Print Competition – May 16, 2019

Colour – Any subject matter is acceptable.

Monochrome – Any subject matter is acceptable.