2017 Beach Calendar

The Beach Photo Club annual Beach Calendar provides a visual reminder of the beauty of the Beach throughout the seasons. A wonderful gift for Beachers, and those for whom the Beach is only a fleeting memory. Only $18.00

Photo credits
Cover: Crashing Waves – Alex Bruce
January: Rising like Winterfell – John Wallace
February: Dreaming of Spring – Alex Bruce
March: Beaches Library – Andrew Oliver
April: Spring at the Gardener’s Cottage – Selby Shanly
May: The Harris Waterworks – Joanne Kaashoek
June: Garden Welcome – John Wallace
July: End of a Summer Day – Deborah Ryan
August: Beaches Summer – Selby Shanly
September: The 501 – Andrew Oliver
October: Relaxing on the Boardwalk – Deborah Ryan
November: Beach Goes To School – Catherine MacKinnon
December: Brightening a Cold Winter’s Eve – John Wallace
January 2018:    Rings of a Different Season – Alex Bruce

Available at retailers in Eastern Toronto:
The Incurable Collector
Centre 55

Order by email beachphotoclub@gmail.com 

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