Program 2020 – 2021

Sept.  3    Toronto Photo Laureate No. 2 By Michele Pearson Clarke

Toronto’s Photo Laureate is the first position of its kind in Canada, and Michèle Pearson Clarke is only the second person to serve. As a champion of photography and visual arts in the city, Michele will discuss her approach to this role, as well as the issues of representation, vulnerability and political engagement that she addresses in her own work in photography, film, and video.

Sept. 17  Creating Fine Digital Inkjet Prints By Paul Scillinger

Paul has had a career involved in printing and teaches Digital Printing at Ryerson. He will focus on working with digital applications to achieve and evaluate excellence in print using your printer or a pro lab. Discussions include: calibration of all devices including camera, monitor and printer, digital image preparation and enhancement for print, techniques to optimize colour, soft proofing, colour management, file formats, resolution, image / print longevity, selecting the right paper and creation of fine prints for display. Participants are encouraged to bring images on a thumb drive which have not printed well or which are worrisome in terms of the expected result in print. If time permits, these images will be reviewed and critiqued strictly in terms of their printability.

Photo Challenge:  Violet

Oct. 1 Creating composites and fine art portrait photography By Luba Citrin

Photographic journey for Luba started 10 years ago, when by accident she joined photo tour in one of her travels.  First years were devoted to landscape and night sky photography.  But soon she realized that for her it was not enough.   Reality and scenes that she saw with her eyes or what a camera could capture was not sufficient.  She started to incorporate into her landscape images objects that she wanted to see but did not exist in reality. Creating composites became a main focus in her photographic journey. In this presentation Luba will discuss art of creating composites and also will cover her new journey into the fine art portrait photography

Oct. 15 – Members Night

Members will make presentations on their recent work

Nov. 5  Photoglossia-The Embrace of the Eclectic By Linda Briskin

Linda Briskin is a fine art photographer with ever-shifting photographic enthusiasms, what she calls ‘photoglossia’. Using a slide show, she will recount her journey from the representational to the imagined and invented, and from reflections to collage. She will offer alternative narratives for the traditional genres of nature, travel and landscape photography, and explore photography as a form of witnessing. She will also share some favorite tricks for photo manipulation. She looks forward to conversation with the audience.

Photo Challenge: Flow

Nov. 19  Photo Contest 1 (Digital) – Results of Judging

Categories are In My Yard, Shadows, Food, and Open

Dec. 3 From Parent with a Camera to Full-Time Sports Photographer By Jeff Vogen

Jeff Vogan is a Toronto-based sports photographer. He started like many parents taking photos of his kid playing sports.  After a few years, his images were being published and he was shooting for a number of international sports photography companies.  He made the career pivot to go professional and is now a full-time sports photographer.  In his presentation Jeff will discuss his journey from amateur to pro and the lessons he learned along the way.

Photo Challenge: Bokeh

Dec. 17   Christmas Social *** tentatively at the Beacher Cafe


Jan.  7    A Greek Odyssey By Leslie Bush

A former member of both the Etobicoke and Toronto Camera Clubs, Leslie has used a photographer’s eye and an administrator’s concern for detail to put together gorgeous and informative presentations of her many trips abroad.Leslie spent a month in Greece in the Spring of 2019, exploring on her own as well as participating in 2 small group adventure travel tours.  Dividing her time in Greece among Athens, the Peloponnese, and 4 of the Cycladic Greek islands, provided her with a broad perspective on local life in the Greece of today as well as its rich history that spans thousand of years.

Photo Challenge: Music

Jan. 21 – Members Night

Members will provide presentations on various technical topics

Feb. 4     There are no mistakes, just opportunities By Paul Brandejs

Postmodern art has a fixation on absolute contrasts; photography and painting, abstract and representation, and conceptual and practical. Paul’s study is a dismantling of these conventional categories through the integration of elements found within sculpture, painting, and photography. Paul creates three dimensional mixed media wall-mounted artwork using acrylic and photography on sculpted canvas.

Photo Challenge:  Odd couples

Feb. 18    Photo Contest 2  (Digital) – Results of Judging 

Categories are  Nature, – birds or animals, People, Black and White (+ 1 colour) and Open


Mar. 4   Creative Images By Rob Stimpson

Putting the WOW in to your photography – a technical presentation looking at how to get the most out of your camera – technical tips, composition and learning how to see .

Rob is a long time professional photographer and a creative artist for over 25 years. He works in the tourism field, and teaches photography part time at Fleming College. He sells his fine art work out of his gallery, located up by Algonquin Park.

Photo Challenge:  sides

Mar. 25     Achieving  Compelling Digital B&W Photography By Rob Davidson

Rob is a Commercial Photographer, specializing in food and still life, and a Photography instructor.He has  a great passion for the uniquely photographic world of B&W. In tonight’s lecture he’ll explore what makes the B&W photograph  work, and how to create more compelling B&W images He’ll cover how to shoot specifically for B&W, and then how to process and edit B&W photographs using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Apr.8  Photographic Art as Meditative Practice By Tash Damjanovich

Toronto-based fine art photographer, Tash has spent over 25 years focusing on creating painterly images that are made through a slow, meditative process that dives deep into a moment in space-time. Her works are inspired by wind, water and the calm that comes from being in open spaces. The images are stories about a world in which grace, vulnerability and strength can coexist, and are a reminder to … Exhale. Find your Calm. Her works have been exhibited across Canada and the US, and have been featured in a variety of print and TV media.

Photo Challenge: Distortions

Apr. 22  Mixed media and the transformation of the Photograph By Sandy Middleton

JSandy Middleton graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Still Photography with the hope of being a fine art photographer. It took her almost 30 years to turn that intention into a reality after a long and varied commercial photography and design career. Sandy will discuss her current way of working and how she has introduced mixed media to create her art. For the past eight years her personal and project based work has been focused on found family images, written histories and personal objects. These photographs, diaries, books and paintings have shaped her practice. The work she had made investigates issues of identity, memory and archive.  Sandy often rearranges photographs as she works to find new meaning by manipulating the originals. This process allows her to re-invent or recreate one’s memory or the perceived reality of it. Her aim is to disturb the natural order and create chaos where there is none, perhaps to unearth what may be beneath the surface.

May 6 – The Theater of Roxham Road By Ruth Kaplan 

Ruth Kaplan has long explored asylum-seekers in Canada. Her presentation will cover the Roxham Road border crossing at the New York/Quebec border, an irregular entry point being used daily since President Trump’s inauguration.  Kaplan will show aspects of the situation at the border: the refugees, the cab drivers who shuttle them, the RCMP, etc, and follows the refugee’s journey to Montreal as they await immigration hearings.  She will also share work from Toronto’s Adam House, and other border-town refugee shelters, where time slows down as the immigration process continues.  Kaplan will also discuss the logistics of and the behind the scenes work involved.

Photo Challenge: 3

May 20    Photo Contest 3 (Digital) – Results of Judging

Categories are: Weather, In the dark, Creative Vision, and Open

June 3  –  End of Season BBQ Social ***tentative

Location TBD

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