Program 2022 - 2023

Sept. 8 – Photography in the Age of Social Media by Sanjay Chauhan

Sanjay is a professional photographer who has worked with companies such as Audi, West Jet, and Tim Hortons as well as many Canadian tourism boards. He began taking pictures as a hobby but being on social piqued his interest to expand his photographic knowledge and pursue it more passionately. Sanjay will describe how he grew his page @jayeffex and founded @imagesofcanada on Instagram. His photography style changed over time and he will recount who and what influenced it, and how it eventually led him to work with some incredible companies.

Sept. 22 – The Path Less Taken – how living another life makes you a better photographer by Jim Chung

As an obedient immigrant son. Jim took the incredibly circuitous route from health care provider to professional astro photographer, sports photographer and finally wildlife photographer. Even before the pandemic, he had already sold his dental practice, had an office desk job for the first time in his life, and then began working 2 days a week to transition to serious professional sports photography. The pandemic changed everything and he spent the first year editing his wildlife photographic coffee table book and the second year finding novel ways to stay creative.

Photo Challenge: Summer Scavenger Hunt Results

Oct. 6 – The Wild City - Photographing Urban Wildlife In Toronto by Andrew Budziak

If you know where to look, Toronto can be an incredibly wild place. Urban wildlife photography is challenging, unique and rewarding. Andrew Budziak spends his days tracking animals across the city, and he’s here to share some stories of his adventures.

Photo Challenge: Waves and Ripples

Oct. 20 – Members’ Night

Members will make presentations on their recent work

Nov. 3 – Learning to See by Henrietta Walmark

Henrietta is a fine art photographer who for the past six years has posted to Instagram images from her early morning walks in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood. This daily practice has become an integral part of her life — her days begin with a couple of hours of walking and taking photographs, and usually end with several hours of editing and posting images. Using recurring themes in her work and various sources of inspiration, Henrietta will share what she has discovered about photographing the same area day after day, year after year. She will also explore the role of spontaneity, curiosity and play in her image-making.

Photo Challenge: 7 colours of the rainbow

Nov. 17 – Photo Contest 1 (Digital) – Results of Judging

Categories are: Nature, The Beach Creative - Shadows and Silhouettes, and Open

Dec. 1 – On Conservation Photography by Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj

Branimir is a Saskatoon-based biologist, photography instructor and internationally published environmental photographer. In 2013 he was recognized by the Canadian Environmental Law Association for extensive participation in several key environmental non-government organizations (NGOs), and for using his photography to advance appreciation and protection of natural environments and cultural legacies. Branimir published two award-winning books on prairie conservation: The Great Sand Hills: A Prairie Oasis and the Islands of Grass. In this presentation, beautifully illustrated with his landscape and wildlife images, Branimir will share his experiences working with NGOs and how photographers can contribute their skills to foster a positive change.

Photo Challenge: Intentional Camera Movement

Dec. 15 – Christmas Social

Tentatively at the Beacher Cafe.

Jan. 5 – Rainy Day Basement/Garage Projects by Joe Leduc

My entertainment during Covid was to create fun, creative photographic projects. I was the workshop leader and educator for the Richmond Hill Camera Club for several years and now I am a life member. I moved to Brighton Ontario and love the small town with its photographic opportunities.

I have been a military, commercial, wedding, portrait, and event photographer for over 50++ years.  I decided to photograph in my basement a variety of simple, inexpensive, entertaining, and inventive projects that I could use to teach others through Zoom or in-person workshops. In this presentation I will demonstrate how by using video and stills to create images that are fun and different. The videos are a bit corny and demonstrate that things can go wrong. It is all part of being a photographer, an enterprise which requires patience and problem solving.

In my projects I use everything from flashlights to studio lights so there is something for everyone.

Photo Challenge: Still Life

Jan. 18 – Members’ Night (Tech)

Members will provide presentations on various technical topics

Feb. 2 – Boris Spremo Remembered by Diana Spremo

Boris Spremo had an extraordinary 38-year career as a photojournalist, primarily with The Toronto Star before retiring in 2000. He photographed many of the world's most iconic moments from war zones and natural disasters, to politicians and celebrities. Throughout his illustrious career, he won more than 300 local, national and international awards including a World Press Award in 1968 and the Order of Canada in 1997. Spremo’s fascinating life stems back to his childhood in former Yugoslavia, and leading up to the time he escaped over the mountains as a teenager. Spremo passed away in 2017, and his daughter will showcase the iconic career of this photographic legend.

Photo Challenge:  Red

Feb. 16 – Photo Contest 2 (Digital) – Results of Judging

Categories are:  Landscape, People In Action, Creative – Monochrome  and Open

Mar. 2 – Exploring Iceland by Colin Angus

Iceland is known as the "Land of fire and Ice".  It sits on the mid Atlantic ridge just South of the Arctic Circle, and is an amazing destination for Landscape and Nature photography.  My wife and I have done three self drive vacations in Iceland, and we have spent 45 days exploring this island.  This presentation will explain how to do a self drive vacation, on an Island with only 5000 km of paved roads.  I will show images from all of the areas we visited, including some of the well known iconic images of Iceland, but I will also show images from areas, that the average tourist never visits.

Photo Challenge: Good-bye Winter

Mar. 23 – Why Black and White? by Cole Thompson on Zoom

In about one hour Cole Thompson will make the case that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject…except for one.. Cole will show work from his various portfolios Interspersed between the images Cole will share his photographic philosophies, such as:  Never listen to others,  Photographic Celibacy,   Coles Rule of Thirds,    Equipment is overrated,   Vision is the most important tool in my toolbox, And many others! At the end of his presentation Cole will answer questions and give away a print of The Angel Gabriel.

Apr. 6 – Griffin Shorts by Judy and Carm Griffin

Judy and Carm are distinguished members of the Etobicoke CC, They will demonstrate how to put together informative and compelling slideshows including digital images and some captured on film, then digitized. Carm and Judy will be using Sony Vegas software for a captivating presentation.

Photo Challenge: In-Camera Multiple Exposure

Apr. 20 – Travel with Mark Wolfson by Mark Wolfson

Retired Vice President of Henry’s, Canada Greatest Camera Store, Mark Wolfson is a graduate of Ryerson University Photographic Arts.In his near half century in the photographic business, Mark has witnessed extraordinary changes to the equipment, materials and processes that once defined photography. Mark is a passionate photographer who has travelled extensively. He will take us to some wonderful destinations, all the while giving us some tips and tricks on how to get the perfect shot. Mark talks about preparing for a photo shoot, what gear he takes and how he photographs people in foreign lands. He also tells us how he turns family holidays into photographic adventures. Lots of photographs and some pretty good story telling.

May. 4 – Landscapes, finding the emotion by Carmen Norman

Landscape photography that invokes emotion! What goes into creating an emotionally compelling landscape photograph? This talk introduces the tools and techniques to intimately capture the varied and dramatic beauty of the stunning Lake District and finding its soul.

Photo Challenge: Silhouette

May. 18 – Photo Contest 3 (Digital) – Results of Judging

Categories are: Pictorial, Architecture, Creative - Altered Reality, and Open

Jun. 2 – End of Season BBQ Social

Location TBD



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