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About us

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Our meetings take place at The Beach United Church, 140 Wineva Ave. on the first and third Thursdays of the month. See our Program for detailed information on our meetings.

Have questions? Email beachphotoclub@gmail.com for more information.


Our season goes from September to June. Single full year fees are $95, Family are $170 and student are $65. Fees from January to June are $80, $150 and $50, respectively. A drop-in fee for one meeting is $10. One drop-in fee can be applied to membership fees. There are no limits to drop-ins.

Lectures / Guest Speakers

Professionals in the field of photography make presentations about subjects of interest to our members.

Members' Nights

Members’ nights are your nights! This is your chance to share your work, describing what you sought to capture in your images.

Mentoring and Portfolio Critiques

Learn more about equipment and photo editing software. Improve your shooting skills through association with experienced and award-winning members. Learn how your images can be improved in group and individual critique sessions. Most meetings will have an informal  critique session of images submitted anonymously; a great way to learn!


Competitions are stimulating, fun and can provide a valuable learning opportunity. We have three competitions each season; two digital competitions are judged online and one print competition  which is judged in person. 

Photo Excursions

The areas in and around greater Toronto offer lots of photographic opportunities. Outings may be proposed throughout the year, some designed to will help members prepare for upcoming competitions – so watch for announcements in regular club emails and on the calendar on the club website.  Members are also encouraged to invite fellow members on ad-hoc outings.  

Practical Seminars and Workshops

Club members with a special expertise often become teachers by sharing their tips and techniques with others. We will have a Members' Night for these technical talks. We are also hoping to include a short (10-15 min.) tech talk during some of our regular meetings. 

Showing Opportunities

We always look for opportunities that allow Club members to showcase their work. We participate in several exhibitions each season. In the coming year we hope to exhibit at the Beaches United Church, the Beacher Café, Clark Centre for the Arts, and the Papermill Gallery at Todmorden Mills, pending Covid-19 restrictions. 

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